It is a high-yield systemic fertilization model using active organic ligands from the plant kingdom, which allows us to abandon traditional residual fertilization.

  • Minimizes water requirements.
  • It substantially reduces the required doses of fertilizer.
  • It avoids the polluting impact on soils and aquifers.


It is an essential technology to preserve the world and its citizens from health alterations, minimizing the consumption of resources, mainly water, avoiding the use of residual pesticides, in highly competitive agriculture, promoting social, environmental, and technological benefits.


It consists of the exercise of Agriculture applying the techniques of Biological Induction on open or closed soil under the greenhouse, on the substrate, or on a nutritive solution.

It is a paradigm that provides the theoretical and practical bases of the new agriculture, of the present and of the future, to produce primary foods obeying a production system of non-invasive character, based on the perfect bio-adaptation of the ecosystems of the environment with the own agrarian ecosystem (aquifers, natural or not green spaces, forest areas, rural areas, and urban areas).


How are our Zero Waste Products different?

In that they are the only ones that offer the alternative of combining fertilizer and crop protection treatments, avoiding the use of residual fertilizers and pesticides, to guarantee the healthiness of the harvest and quality in the post-harvest period.

What advantages do they offer?

  • Minimal water and input consumption
  • Strong and fast system of nutritional principles, avoiding residual losses in the soil
  • Maximum resistance to crop pests and diseases, minimizing the use of pesticides
  • Maximum post-harvest protection during transport
  • Maximum quality of the products produced