MYELOS GREEN is the current brand dedicated to designing, developing, and marketing natural means of protecting agricultural crops, avoiding the use of fertilizers and residual pesticides. The use of MYELOS GREEN, products means an unprecedented advance in the field of organic, profitable, and quality agriculture.

The technology represented by the brand is called SYSTEMIC MOLECULAR NUTRITION (NMS).

MYELOS GREEN also designs and formulates natural, non-synthetic additives for the Agro-Food Industry: post-harvest (citrus and fruit), wineries, oil mills, and other agro-food sectors. OXIFEN products allow a prolonged quality in postharvest, avoiding the appearance of fungus colonies during the transport of the fruit.

Also, we have conceived an effective, simple, and economic system of residual water purification in the Agro-alimentary Industry (especially in the citrus and fruit plants) based on the modified Fenton reaction.

Mission – What do we want to be?

We want to reach an international situation in which the systemic molecular nutrition (NMS) and the OXIFEN series of products are, in the Agriculture and in the Agro-food Industry respectively, the accepted standard technology to preserve the quality of the primary agricultural production and that of the elaborated products, assuring a great agricultural and industrial competitiveness for its profitability and for its total integration with the environment.

Vision – How will we fulfill our mission?

Exercising an impeccable continuous activity of Research (consuming wealth to create knowledge), Innovation (consuming knowledge to create wealth), Technological Development (converting ideas into technological products), and Commercial Development (adapting the product to be competitive).

Thinking about the tomorrow we want